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The following is a step-by-step process in becoming a certified official for high schools in Utah. The UHSAA is the acronym for Utah High School Activities Association.

1. The first step in becoming an official is to register with the UHSAA. This is done by logging onto the web site Click on the registration link and choose the sport you want to officiate, then complete the process.

2. After the application is accepted, officials are entered into a database system and a packet will be sent out prior to the start of the sports season. Packets will include sport specific rulebooks and UHSAA rules clinic information. An open book rules test needs to be completed on-line by the due date listed on the information sheet that accompanies the application form. Officials must obtain a minimum score of 80% to pass. If a failing grade occurs, you may retake the test.

Part of the registration process in becoming an official is to have a background check completed. This will automatically be done for you after you are registered.

3. Rules Clinics: A UHSAA staff member or their designee will conduct one new rules clinic before the season for the sports of football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball. The dates will be listed on the UHSAA website. The rules clinic consists of new rules, NFHS points of emphasis and their interpretation for the specific sport. This is mandatory in order to be a certified official.

4. The next step is to contact the local officials association. The names of the local association leadership are listed in the Officials’ Guidebook. Joining a local association is vital, as assignments to work games will be issued for sub-varsity games from the association arbiter. The local associations will conduct meetings, which are geared to provide additional rules training, game evaluations and information regarding association policies and procedures.

5. The last step is to fill out the RROA Independent Officiating Contract. Please print and sign the contract. Vemo association dues to @RedRock-Officials

It is the hope of the UHSAA that this information will be helpful to potential new officials as you consider joining us in this most important and rewarding avocation. If further questions arise, contact the UHSAA at 801.566.0681 or email to: [email protected]